6 Tips for Couples to Get the Best Possible Photos


As I continue to book more amazing couples for next year, I was thinking of what advice I could give to help them (and others) get the best possible photos! Sooo....


6 Tips for Couples to Get the Best Possible Photos

  • Smile

I have to admit I'm as guilty of this as anyone. I'm not one to laugh out loud at movies or outwardly display my giddiness, so I get it. Even though it's my job to catch the special moments, it does help if you're aware and willing to make sure that they happen. Remember to glance over at your new spouse and admire them, laugh when something funny happens, and don't be afraid to let a tear fall if it's coming. Those candid moments make awesome photos! 


  • Don't rush the prep

Many couples find that it’s difficult to estimate how much time is needed to get ready for the day. As a result, that is the portion of the day that most commonly runs late. Since most ceremonies don’t begin until early to late afternoon, my advice is to start earlier than you think you need to. If it does actually run on time, then you end up with a little downtime after your hair and makeup are done. No harm in that! It will also make it easier on your hairdresser and makeup artist as they won’t feel rushed (I have one of each as sisters, so I know this is true!).



  • Choose your bridal party wisely

I know it's hard to include some people and then not ask others, but who is in your bridal party truly does have an impact on your day. They are with you for a LONG time. You might have a friend that you love and have known forever, but if you have a hard time being around them for 10 hours now is not the time to hope that goes away. Choose people that will encourage, help, and selflessly love you that day. I  have seen what AMAZING bridesmaids and groomsmen can contribute to the experience and memories of a wedding day. Choose them.


  • Don't over commit

It would be great to get a picture with every individual uncle, aunt and cousin, but do you really want to commit an extra hour of time to that? Getting a picture at each table is also a fairly common request, just don't choose that over having memorable conversations with friends from out of town,  getting obligatory marital advice from grandparents, or playing with nieces and nephews. Those things are more important, and usually make for better photographs. Plus, random group shots on the dance floor usually fit the mood of the reception better.


  • Be comfortable

I have seen some gorgeous dresses and shoes, but I've also seen some exhausted and somewhat irritated brides that are in pain from a heavy dress or uncomfortable shoes. I'm not saying to wear jeans and a t-shirt, since we all know that would be the most comfortable option. As you pick out your dress and shoes it's easy to think, "This doesn't hurt THAT bad." If it hurts or is annoying at all for 5 minutes, imagine 150x that when you consider the amount of time it will be bothering you. Finding your perfect dress and shoes and being comfortable are not mutually exclusive. Your mobility and comfort will affect your photos.


  • Steal a few minutes with your spouse

This is not a common thing, but I've seen a few couples do it and it's incredibly sweet. Whether it's right after the ceremony or in the middle of the reception,  just sneak away with your spouse and freak out that you just got married! My husband and I walked around for just a couple minutes right after the processional, and that is probably my most vivid memory of the day. We realized we had just gotten MARRIED....he was my HUSBAND! We were able to actually process what happened for a minute, and it made for more visible excitement and happiness the rest of the day!

Weddings should be fun! It makes the photographer's job at capturing happiness a whole lot easier when they are!