Over the past five years of shooting weddings I've come to a few conclusions that I think are necessary for capturing a wedding day which is why I have just ONE package with ALL of those elements in it. You're going to have a bazillion choices throughout this wedding planning process so let's just keep this one easy!

  • Second Shooter

-I like to capture the day as if I'm the only shooter, but ultimately it's just too important of a day to not have that alternate perspective. Plus he's my brother and awesome, so it's just way more fun.

  • 8 Hour Minimum

- My goal is that your photos tell the entire story of your day and that involves a good chunk of time to do that. Who wants to start reading a book already half way through?

  • Lots of Photos

-I don't put any maximum on the amount of photos you get, because can you really have too much a good thing?...in my opinion not when it comes to photos from the best day ever!

  • Full Copyright of Images

- Let's face it, you probably won't get your album made in the first year. Maybe you're just way more amazing than the average person, but I personally am not a fan of being rushed into a big forever purchase. I'm happy to give recommendations of places to get your prints and albums, but it's just cheaper and usually more convenient for you to figure that out on your own when you have time to enjoy it!